Big Ideas & The Power of a Connected Community

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference – Day 1

HySpeed Computing’s president, James Goodman, is attending the 2012 NVIDIA GPU Computing Conference. He’ll be sharing his experiences, thoughts and news coming out of the convention.

Conference attendees enjoy an afternoon social hour networking with fellow participants, developing new collaborations, and learning about the latest GPU advances.

As we arrived to kick start the 2012 GTC, we could feel a definite buzz in the atmosphere. A sense of community and collaboration as the GPU computing field came together. With leadership from NVIDIA, the community here is building an entire GPU computing ecosystem, which is continually growing and evolving through new technologies and applications.

As one of the hottest trends in high performance computing, integrating multi core CPU’s with GPU acceleration is offering developers and end-users and incredible array of possibilities. Leveraging the pervasiveness of GPUs in our increasingly tech-driven lives, the community is able to look toward incredible goals of software acceleration being achieved through GPU computing, portability across platforms, sharing software libraries and extending functionality across disciplines.

Over the coming days, I’ll be excited to see the sessions on code development, algorithm optimization, applications and the latest software releases (to name a few).


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