NVIDIA Announces Future for GPU Computing

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference – Day 2

HySpeed Computing’s president, James Goodman, is attending the 2012 NVIDIA GPU Computing Conference. He’ll be sharing his experiences, thoughts and news coming out of the convention.

Entering the second day of the NVIDIA conference, we had high expectations for the keynote address and breaking news. The keynote did not disappoint.

The main speaking hall faded to black with a soundtrack playing in the background. The room of 3,000 was buzzing with anticipation. Then, the opening keynote speaker, CEO and co-founder of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang, took the stage, commanding the attention of the entire eager audience. As part of his keynote, Jen-Hsun confirmed NVIDIA’s continued commitment to GPU computing by announcing the company has yet again “doubled down” on investing in the technology. This investment became immediately apparent as he also took the opportunity to announce the launch of their most advanced GPU to date, the Kepler GPU. (Watch the keynote speech here)

With more speed, power and energy efficiency than any previous NVIDIA GPU, the Kepler replaces the Fermi and promises to fundamentally advance computer graphics and computing. Built on three new technologies – SMX, Hyper-Q and Dynamic Parallelism – the Kepler provides exceptional new computing capabilities. It is also the first ever GPU designed for a world of cloud computing. Kepler will also be used as the technology behind GeForce Grid, which enables unprecedented low-latency live streaming of cloud gaming.

Other guest speakers and demonstrations of the day, joining Jen-Hsun on stage, included Sumit Dhawan, group vice president and general manager of Citrix; Grady Cofer, visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic; David Yen, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco Data Center Group; and Dave Perry, CEO and co-founder of Gaikai.


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