Analyzing Animal Behavior Models Through GPU Computing

HySpeed Computing’s president, James Goodman, is attending the 2012 NVIDIA GPU Computing Conference. He’ll be sharing his experiences, thoughts and news coming out of the convention.

Ian Couzin explains how GPU computing helped create breakthroughs in his research.

Day 3 of the NVIDIA conference, and now we start delving deeper into the possibilities of GPU computing and how it can be used for real-world applications.
Today’s keynote speaker Iain Couzin, behavioral ecologist from Princeton University, detailed how GPU computing has become the core technology by which he is able to explore research into collective animal behavior and decision-making. Recently recognized as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Couzin uses a combination of experiments, observations and computer modeling to explore the collective dynamics of animal behavior, how groups make informed decisions, the evolution of leadership and the dynamics of large-scale collective motion.

With access to the power of GPU computing, Couzin is able to substantially increase his capacity for analysis. By harnessing and refining GPU computing to his needs, he has been able to make significant strides in understanding group dynamics in animal behavior. Research, that he hopes, will lend to better understanding human behavior, information dissemination, brain functionality and biological research on the cellular level.


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