Into The Blue – GPUs and Remote Sensing

HySpeed Computing’s president, James Goodman, is attending the 2012 NVIDIA GPU Computing Conference. He’ll be sharing his experiences, thoughts and news coming out of the convention.

HySpeed Computing President James Goodman at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference

To close out Day 4, I had my chance to take the stage and share my insights on the versatility and power of GPU computing.

In an exciting and intriguing project with Northeastern University, we were able to apply this technology to effectively research the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation on coral reefs. Though beautiful and incredible, coral reefs are also very susceptible to changes in their ecosystem. To monitor the state of coral reefs, we utilized remote sensing technology, specifically imagery from satellite and airborne instruments, to map coral reef distribution and assess changes over time.

If it were not for GPU computing though, this research would have taken incredibly longer to process and analyze. Through this technology we were able to accelerate our algorithms to incredible speed, enabling a greater amount of imagery to be processed. This ultimately created a much more efficient pathway for the mapping and assessment of coral reefs.

It was exciting to share our research and collaborate with others in the scientific computing community. It will be interesting to see how this technology continues to evolve and expand over the next year.


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