HyspIRI Science Workshop Day 2 – Imaging spectrometry applications

The second day of the 2012 HyspIRI Science Workshop focused on science applications. The day included both speaker presentations and an interactive poster session, allowing ample opportunity for attendees to interact and share research ideas. Of particular relevance was discussion on how HyspIRI, as a large-scale global mapping instrument, will enable exciting new research directions at regional and global scales.

HyspIRI - Simon Hook - Marisa Kalemkarian

Simon Hook (NASA JPL) and Marisa Kalemkarian (CONAE) discuss research on water temperature derivation at the Lake Tahoe validation site

Since the full range of science applications presented at the workshop are numerous, a few select examples are presented here to indicate the breadth of topic areas. Kevin Turpie (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) presented a summary of the coastal and inland aquatic products accessible using HyspIRI data. Andrew French (USDA Agricultural Research Service) discussed methods for estimating evapotranspiration in rangelands. Robert Wright (University of Hawaii at Manoa) examined techniques for assessing volcanic activity. Dar Roberts (University of California, Santa Barbara) illustrated the capacity for evaluating pre- and post- fire vegetation characteristics. And Jeffrey Luvall (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center) presented capabilities for monitoring surface and temperature characteristics in urban environments.

Presentations also included discussion of image processing methods, such as validating algorithms for onboard lossless compression of image data and utilizing high performance computing for efficient generation of data products. Additional speakers focused on topics such as improved atmospheric correction techniques, ground validation requirements, and a host of advanced image analysis techniques.

Overall it was a highly informative workshop. In addition to providing an avenue to discuss the HyspIRI mission, the workshop also allowed colleagues to re-connect, new collaborations to be established, and new ideas and research directions to emerge. Everyone is looking forward to the next workshop, and eagerly anticipating the future launch of the HyspIRI instrument.

Presentations from the HyspIRI Science Workshop and information on the HyspIRI mission can be found at http://hyspiri.jpl.nasa.gov/


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