Crowdfunding in Space – Democratizing support for satellite and space inspired projects

ARKYDEver come up with the next great idea in remote sensing, space technology or geospatial inspired art? Interested in alternative sources to fund your idea? Check out these innovators who have turned to crowdfunding to support their projects:

  • ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone has raised $1,234,748 on Kickstarter (and still going this month) to develop and launch a space telescope that can be controlled by users to acquire images of deep space.
  • SkyCube: The First Satellite Launched by You! raised $116,890 on Kickstarter to build a small nano-satellite that will take images of the Earth and broadcast simple messages from space. SkyCube is scheduled for launch in November 2013 on a SpaceX launch to the International Space Station.
  • ArduSat – Your Adruino Experiment in Space raised $106,300 on Kickstarter for completing system integration tasks on an open platform CubeSat that can be used by the public to “run their own space-based applications” and experiments.
  • Space Elevator Science – Climb to the Sky – A Tethered Tower raised $110,353 on Kickstarter to build a platform of tethered high-altitude balloons and a robot that can climb two kilometers up to those balloons.
  • Uwingu – A New Way to Fund Space Exploration, Research and Education raised $79,896 on Indiegogo to fund start-up costs for creating The Uwingu Fund, which will “provide grants to those that propose meritorious projects in space exploration, space research or space education.”
  • KickSat – Your personal spacecraft in space! Raised $74,586 on Kickstarter to build a fleet of Sprite Spacecraft, tiny satellites about the size of a few postage stamps, and a larger CubeSat that will be used to deploy the Sprites once in orbit.
  • Plasma Jet Electric Thrusters for Spacecraft raised $72,871 on Kickstarter to develop a prototype plasma jet thruster for interplanetary transportation.
  • Hermes Spacecraft raised $20,843 on Kickstarter to develop and test rocket thrusters for a reusable suborbital spacecraft.
  • Safe is Not An Option: Our Futile Obsession in Spaceflight raised $5,341 on Kickstarter to publish a book “on our irrational approach to safety in human spaceflight.”
  • Painting for Satellites raised $3,525 on Kickstarter to paint rooftops as large-scale artwork to be viewed from orbiting satellites.
  • Let’s launch a Balloon into Space raised $3,384 on Gofundme for a sixth grade class to launch a weather balloon into near space.
  • Be a Producer on Timothy Feathergrass: The Movie! raised $2,794 on Kickstarter to support film festival entry fees for a movie about a “young man who builds a satellite but can’t afford to launch it into space.”
  • There are also a number of other projects just getting started.

Just think of the possibilities for your next great idea.

For more information: Kickstarter; Indiegogo; Gofundme


4 thoughts on “Crowdfunding in Space – Democratizing support for satellite and space inspired projects

    • Yes, definitely a nice story to see crowdfunding benefit those young students, and engage them in science, technology and entrepreneurship.

  1. Ha! Timothy Feathergrass is my film ( Thanks for listing it here! However, it’s a narrative film and not concerned with the actual launching of a satellite. Still, I hope it inspires. Cheers!

    – Jared

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