Aquarius SEATEST II – Astronauts emerge from a successful underwater mission

HySpeed Computing president James Goodman had the honor of visiting the FIU Aquarius shore base this past weekend as the astronauts emerged from their recent underwater mission. Aquarius is an underwater research facility located in the Florida Keys that allows scientists to live for extended periods of time below the ocean surface. Astronauts from NASA, ESA and JAXA recently used Aquarius to conduct SEATEST II – the Space Environment Analog for Testing EVA Systems and Training. Congratulations to the astronauts and the entire Aquarius team for another successful mission. You are an inspiration.

Aquarius aquanauts

The Aquarius aquanauts (left to right): Joe Acaba (NASA), Mark Hulsbeck (Aquarius), Otto Rutten (Aquarius), Kate Rubins (NASA), Soichi Noguchi (JAXA), Andreas Mogensen (ESA)


The Aquarius crew and support team from SEATEST II celebrating their success

For more information on Aquarius:


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