Conservation Remote Sensing – Inviting you to get involved

Blue MarbleThe Conservation Remote Sensing Working Group (CRSWG) is extending an open invitation to join their growing community and participate in advancing conservation efforts through remote sensing.

Are you passionate about conservation? Are you experienced in remote sensing? Do you have ideas on how remote sensing and geospatial data can be better incorporated into conservation management and planning? Have you developed a new image analysis tool that will benefit the conservation community? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, then the CRWSG is interested in your input.

The mission of CRSWG is “to increase conservation effectiveness through enhanced integration of remote sensing technologies in research and applications.” Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Rose from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the CRSWG focuses on four key themes that are critical for fostering effective conservation:

Research and Collaboration – “Greater collaboration amongst remote sensing scientists and practitioners will create a critical link between the novel and visionary work of remote sensing scientists and the on-the-ground experience of conservation practitioners.”

Capacity Development – Improved education and awareness “will allow conservationists around the globe to broaden their understanding of applied remote sensing, gain skill sets needed for finding, processing and analyzing remotely sensed data and associated products, and develop an understanding of remote sensing that allows them to integrate remote sensing into conservation.”

Best Practices – “A series of standards and recommendations” are needed “for the best use of remote sensing for conservation applications…, focusing on data collection, generation and integration, validation, models and remote sensing-derived products, as well as application of new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Communications – “The goal is to curate and share critical information, both inward, to the conservation remote sensing community, and outward, communicating to the broader conservation community and others who may be interested in the applications of remote sensing for conservation.”

To learn more, or better yet to join the group, just follow this link, or visit Google Groups and search for “Conservation Remote Sensing”, and then select “Apply to join group”.

HySpeed Computing is participating in this community and encourages you to add your voice to the discussion.

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