Application Tips for ENVI 5.1 – Saving and Restoring Views and Layers

This is part of a series on tips for getting the most out of your geospatial applications. Check back regularly or follow HySpeed Computing to see the latest examples and demonstrations.

Objective: Utilize the new option in ENVI 5.1 to save views and layers from an active ENVI session, and subsequently restore them in a later session. This is a welcome addition to ENVI and will save you lots of time when reopening images!

Scenario: This tip demonstrates the steps used to save and restore a 2 x 2 view layout of a project in the Florida Keys. Data shown in this example includes (clockwise from upper left): HICO scene; Landsat 7 scene; land mask derived from HICO using NDWI; chlorophyll-a concentration derived from HICO using OC4 algorithm.


The Tip: Below are steps used to save and restore views and layers in ENVI 5.1:

  • Select a view layout, and then open and display the desired imagery in each view.
  • In this example we use a 2 x 2 view layout: Views > 2×2 Views.
  • We display the HICO and Landsat data as RGB data, the land mask as a binary grayscale, and the chlorophyll-a data using a rainbow color table.
  • To save this layout (stored as a .jsn file), simply select: File > Views & Layers > Save.
  • To restore the layout when starting a new ENVI session, select: File > Views & Layers > Restore.

According to the ENVI documentation “When you save the views and layers, any files open in ENVI [refer to documentation for list of specific types that can be included in a saved session], the layout of the view, the layers loaded into those views, and any properties (center coordinates, zoom factor, raster stretch, color table, and so forth) will be saved. Any open portals will also be saved to the file.”


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